About trashpapernotes

Trash paper is a common supply for planners. It`s transparent quality essential for sketching plans and ideas, tracing elements of a landscape such as rivers, buildings and boundaries. Planners usually write their initial observations, and notes on trash paper. A planner needs to be open, be able to resonate to different environments, and what is behind them; the unseen, such as values, traditions and more. These notes are the results of my own resonance to my various environments.

About me: I am Gitta Margit Pap, an Environmental Planner & Designer by training, Imagery Philosopher, and Ecologist by training. I am Székely-Hungarian from Transylvania and I have lived  in Georgia almost for a decade; and now I live in Texas, USA. I am currently enrolled at Texas A&M Urban and Regional Sciences Doctoral Program.

Welcome. Isten hozott.


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